Who wrote this blog?

I wonder how that roast is going in the oven...

What's that chord I keep hearing in my head...

Born in Brooklyn, Andrew Ingkavet is a wide angle creative who in the last few years has focussed on creating music for film, television, advertising, theater, stage and opera. He is a former VJ for MTV-Asia where he was one of the first 3 VJ’s on the pan-Asian satellite network in the early 90’s. Andrew studied music at New York University and then went into the marketing side of the business working in booking agencies, studios and independent marketing companies. He was a journalist for MTV and various music trade magazines. As an actor, he appeared off-Broadway with the Pan-Asian Repertory Theater company, En Garde Arts Ensemble, and you can still see him in reruns of the Cosby Show – in the background. Andrew co-founded Lemon, an-award-winning interactive agency in Hong Kong in 1994 and returning to the US worked at several dotcoms including Music Boulevard, and interactive agencies Digitas and Foote, Cone & Belding’s FCBi. He is the founder and head monk of 300 Monks, an audio agency. You can see his film composer site here.


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