Music is like wine…delicious, indescribable and causes trance-like states

Vino para mi

Vino para mi

“Talking about wine is like talking about music, if I could tell you in words, then there wouldn’t be any point in playing it. A great piece of music, and a great wine, holds your attention and has more than you can say in words.” – David Chan, concertmaster for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

My first experiences with wine were terrible as was my first job – dishwasher for Beefsteak Charlies in Huntington Station, Long Island, NY at the age of 16.  I don’t know why I took this job – perhaps to prove that life can only get better from here. Anyway, I stole a gallon bottle of some horrible rosé wine and took it to my high school jazz ensemble beach party.  Needless to say, I had an indelible experience where I could not stand the smell of wine for over 12 years!

So what changed?  Whilst living abroad in Hong Kong, where I was a VJ for MTV (and completely drug and alcohol free contrary to rumors) I was handed a glass of some Bordeaux.  I had a sip and….fantastic.  What is this?

So when I saw Eric Asimov’s interview with David Chan in yesterday’s Dining section of the NY Times, it really resonated.  Music and wine.  Yes there is a connection.  I think I must have been a Cabernet Sauvignon in a past life!  How about a wine, music and film festival?  All wrapped together and held in Napa Valley?  Or in the mountain vineyards of Chile?


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