Last chance to Party on the Cape

Just a reminder that our film “Mrs. Worthington’s Party” is in it’s final weekend of sneak previews on Cape Cod. It’s getting amazing reviews and turnouts. In fact it’s grossing higher than any other film in the country right now (if you count it on a per screen basis.) It’s definitely family-friendly and a Christmas movie – so very appropriate for the season.

Here’s a link to an article.
And to purchase tickets.


4 Responses to “Last chance to Party on the Cape”

  1. Re: Mrs. Worthington’s Party…
    Not a dry eye in the house!!!
    Great emotional film combining a simple but compelling storyline, imaginative writing with a clever mix of comedy and angst. David Wall, a young, Robert Redford look-a-like, does a masterful job in his lead role!! Not to mention the cameo of Sammy Bazarewsky in the library scene. Great film, Will not disappoint. Be sure and watch it with your family during the holiday season.

    Todd K. Bazarewsky (leading Cape Cod movie critic)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Judith A. Wallace, would love to see the whole movie. I’m sure it will rate up with the classics. (Upper Cape Cod movie critic)

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